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Aging Futures Project: DeeDee Camp, Project Director
Aging, Office for: Jamie M. Kelly, Director
Audit and Control: Alex J. McLaughlin, Comptroller
BC STOP-DWI: Christopher Marion, Coordinator
BMTS: Jennifer Yonkoski, Executive Director
Broome Community College: Kevin E. Drumm, President
Broome County Dog Shelter: Kelly Conlon, Manager
Broome County Government: Debra A. Preston, County Executive
Broome County Office of Energy Development: Margaret J. Scarinzi, Director
Broome County Sheriff's Office: Broome County Sheriff
Buildings and Grounds Division of Public Works: Harry Miller, Deputy Commissioner
CASA: Stacey Kalechitz, Clinical Nurse Supervisor
Central Foods: Michelle L. Haus, Director
County Clerk: Richard R. Blythe, County Clerk
Department of Motor Vehicles: Richard R. Blythe, County Clerk
District Attorney: Stephen K. Cornwell Jr., District Attorney
Economic Development: Elaine Miller, Commissioner
Elections: Mary Pines, Deputy Commissioner
Emergency Services: Raymond M. Serowik, Emergency Medical Services Coordinator
Emergency Services: Elizabeth A. Mednansky, Emergency Medical Services Officer
Emergency Services: Jerry Marinich, Director
Engineering: Leslie G. Boulton, P.E., Deputy Commissioner of Engineering
Environmental Management Council: Beth Lucas, Senior Planner
Executive and Budget: Debra A. Preston, County Executive
Family Violence Prevention Council: Janette Cyganovich, Coordinator
Freedom Of Information Law: Aaron M. Martin, Records Access Officer
Geographic Information Systems: Douglas C. English, Jr., GIS Administrator
Greater Binghamton Council of Governments: Beth A. Egitto, Senior Planner
Health: Sean J. Britton, NRP, CPH Director
Highway Division of Public Works: Patrick K. Latting, Director
Historian: Gerald R. Smith, Historian
ICP: Arthur R. Johnson, Commissioner
Information Technology: Dennis O'Keefe, Director
Jury Commissioner: Christopher J. Esworthy, Commissioner of Jurors
KYDS Coalition: Katie Cusano,
Law Department: Robert G. Behnke County Attorney
Legislature: Mary A. Kaminsky, Legislator
Legislature: Kim A. Myers, Member of the Legislature
Legislature: Ron Heebner, Member of the Legislature
Legislature: Stephen J. Flagg, Majority Leader, Broome County Legislature
Legislature: Mark R. Whalen, Member of the Legislature
Legislature: Karl E. Bernhardsen, Member of the Legislature
Legislature: Aaron M. Martin, Clerk of the Legislature
Legislature: Cindy L. O'Brien, Member of the Legislature
Legislature: Ronald J. Keibel, Majority Leader
Legislature: Michael Sopchak, Member of the Legislature
Legislature: Jason E. Shaw, Member of the Legislature
Legislature: Matthew J. Pasquale, Member of the Legislature
Legislature: Greg W. Baldwin, Member of the Legislature
Legislature: Daniel J. Reynolds, Chairman of the Legislature
Legislature: Kelly F. Wildoner, Member of the Legislature
Legislature: Scott D. Baker, Member of the Legislature
Library: Lisa S. Wise, Director
Mental Health: Arthur R. Johnson, Commissioner
News Releases: Gabe Osterhout, Communications Coordinator
Office of Management and Budget: Marie F. Kalka, Director of the Office of Management & Budget
Parks, Recreation & Youth Services: Art Garrison, Director of Parks, Recreation & Youth Services
Personnel: Thomas H. Behan, Personnel Officer
Planning: Frank Evangelisti, Director
Probation: Lorraine S. Wilmot, Director
Public Defender: Jay L. Wilber, Public Defender
Public Transportation: Gregory Kilmer, Commissioner
Public Works: Daniel A. Schofield, Commissioner
Purchasing: John A. Flynn, Jr., Director of Purchasing
Real Property: David C. Hamlin, Director
Records Management: Susan S. DiBenedetto, Director
Risk and Insurance: Thomas Dellapenna Jr., Risk Manager
Security Division: James D. Dadamio, Director
Social Services: Arthur R. Johnson, Commissioner
Solid Waste: Daniel A. Schofield, Deputy Commissioner
Steps to a Healthier NY: Mary McFadden, Director
Veterans: Brian J. Vojtisek, Director
Webmaster: Karen Andrews, Webmaster
Weights and Measures: Stephen J. Austenfeld, Director
Willow Point Rehabilitation & Nursing Center: Kevin J. Carey, Administrator
Youth Bureau: Art Garrison, Executive Director